Dear followers,

We must leave this place.

I stole a can of corned beef from the local corner store, being desperate for a feed. Unfortunately, I was spotted and reported to the local authorities from who I am now hiding. They wear strange uniforms of green and silver Lycra (or spandex).

I must find Paula, Charlie, Alyss and Ouga as soon as possible, and we must flee. If things get really bad, I'm not too fussed about Ouga.

The problem is that Paula is being followed around by a group of zealots who think she is the messiah. Removing her from the sight, let alone the presence of them will be difficult.

I will post again as soon as I have escaped.

With timidity,
G. Caprice

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Charlie Pucker said...

I can see the pickle that you are in, I shall be able to locate Paula (thanks to Ouga's good hearing and he can feel the vibrations of a crowd from a mile away). Try and get to the Outrigger and hide where you hid Ouga under some leaves, I should be there in a couple of hours.
Yours truely,
P.S. Is Alyss OK?