My followers,

I feel the need to tell you that half of my shikara has suddenly collapsed, and that I am clutching to the remaining half for dear life. With one arm I hold this notebook computer and my precious art file, with the other I hold the shikara, which is on a dangerous tilt.

I would urge anyone who knows the whereabouts of Traulasia to please search the surrounding sea for me, and to please rescue me, should you find me. The waves are becoming ever larger, and I fear for my art.

Paula, if you are reading this, please save me in the speedboat.

With great anxiety,
G. Caprice
Dearest followers,

I have set sail on the shikara. I am posting this while still within the range of Paula's fantastic wireless broadband system. My picture has been posted (see last entry) but, unfortunately, was not as satisfactorially digitalised as I had hoped. Please believe me when I say that it looked better on paper. It did.

The shikara is holding up well. One banana leaf has broken away, and I can only just make out its silhouette on the horizon. I have no idea where I am sailing towards. My only hope is that I strike a land that has sophisticated travel methods enough to take me back home.

I miss Jackal.

With anxiety,
G. Caprice
Illustration Friday - Wind

Here is my entry for Illustation Friday's Wind topic. It fell victim to a dodgy scan, due mainly to the lack of scanning expertise held by Paula. I apologise. Most of the detail can't be seen because the contrast is ill-balanced and the frame was mutilated by the ravages of a techno-illiterate. No offence, Paula (or anyone else for that matter).

Click on the image for a larger view.

Please forgive me,
G. Caprice

P.S. The shikara has been completed, I set sail tonight.

UPDATE: The image above, and the larger linked one is the re-scanned version.
Hello, followers,

Woe is Garhuckle.

Jackle and I have crashed on the little-known island nation of Traulasia, in a particularly remote area. We were fortunate to meet a local: Paula Rarkino Sinclare. She took us back to her house to stay until we can leave Traulasia, which has no means of going overseas. Jackal and I started work on a shikara, a type of indian boat, but he was taken suddenly ill, and died later that evening of what Paula was able do identify as Whipple's disease, apparently common in those parts.

Later I was forced to cannibalise Jackal as Paula had no corned beef, and the only restaurant in 200 miles was Greek.

Despite my loss and despite being lost, I have managed to draw my entry to Illustration Friday on this week's topic: Wind. Luckily on Traulasia they have scanners and a surprisingly sophisticated broadband system. The post will appear later this evening.

I remain stranded on Traulasia, and I continue work on the shikara.

May your day be better than mine has been,
G. Caprice

P.S. You may wish to visit Paula's blog here.