I apologise for not posting for so very long.

I have been drifting at sea for quite some time, and came to rest today (Christmas day) on the Isle of the Lost Nuns. Here there is a colony of semi-feral nuns, who appear to be quite friendly.

All of the nuns live in odd, hollow, spherical houses with tables and other furniture glued to the inside of the structure. The house moves when a person inside pushes against the inside, rolling the house and making other furniture accessible. This system is foolish, as many houses often roll into the sea, lost forever along with their inhabitants.

The nuns are also all avid myrmecologists, myrmecology being the study of ants.

Washing ashore on Christmas was good timing, as they have prepared a great feast to celebrate. It is due to begin any minute, so I must finish typing this entry.

With hunger,
G. Caprice