I have two pieces of most disturbing news.

Firstly, I prepared a crab stew last night. I can only assume it was undercooked, as I immediately regurgitated it, as well as some of my last meal: Jackal. Only, it wasn't Jackal. It was what appeared to be corned beef. A strange story, my friends. I can only assume that Paula tricked me into believing that I was eating Jackal, but why she would do this, I cannot say.

Secondly, the island I am stranded on (which I have named Jackaland, in memory of Jackal) has turned out to be more dangerous than I initially had thought. After a brief expedition to the island's peak has revealed that this island is of volcanic origin. I must leave as soon as possible. I have set a smoke signal on the shore, but I may have to construct another boat.

With mixed emotions,
G. Caprice


Dear Followers,

I have beached on a small island in the South Pacific. The island has a healthy supply of fish, fresh water and coconuts, so I should be able to sustain myself for some time. I have constructed a simple internet transmitter from rocks and the banana leaves that I could gather from the shikara.

These last days have been harrowing, as the shikara eventually collapsed, and I was left floating on one banana leaf.

On the other hand, being stranded on this island has given me an excellent idea for this week's Illustration Friday topic: Smoke.

Paula, I still need rescuing. Please.

With lonliness,
G. Caprice